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Donald Loyd has been active in real estate for more than 38 years as a Real Estate Agent/Broker, Investor, Developer, General Contractor, and Corporate Marketing Vice President.

Don’s resume includes teaching under-graduate and post-graduate course work. He is a past President of the Oregon Association of Professional Real Estate Investors and Executive Director of Northwest Real Estate Institute. He leads seminars on Real Estate Investing and Writing – and he has authored several books on the subjects of business, real estate and personal development.

Don believes in giving back to the community. Over the last 38 plus years he has served in various roles for, and generously gives to, local non-profit organizations and churches. He is involved in his community and is listed in the ninth addition of Who’s Who in American Politics. Believing change needed to take place at the state level, he made a run for the Oregon State Senate in 2004.

In troublesome times, it’s important to have an innovative real estate marketing professional on your side. One of his students summed him up this way: “As a mentor Don is creative and never runs out of ways to do things. He is full of ideas.”

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